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29th April 2011



Blown away, by the spirit of innocence

Torn apart, by the secret kept within

Lost in lunacy, since i found out, hence

Starting today, i lost myself in

Universe, has been kind for karma

haven’t reached me in an upside-down manner

Thankful, i am, for having another chance

to live this live in better way

Sedekat nadi dengan darah

namun sejauh awan dengan lautan garam

Terbuka bak hamparan samudera,

nan tertutup laksana api dalam sekam

Sehangat pesona surya dan terik siang hari

jua sebeku kutub dan dingin malam hari

Terhempas tiap ujar dan rona wajah

kala keduanya saling silang berlawanan arah

If it’s not fire, then it’s ice

warmth i wanted, yet cold would suit me as well

A field of grass is excellent, but a small barn will also be nice

openness i was looking for, disclosure came to dwell

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